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Will Insurance Cover a Stolen Motorcycle?

Motorcycles offer a fun, exciting way to get around. Unfortunately, they’re easier to steal than many vehicles. The number of thefts has repeatedly gone up in recent years, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. So, how can riders in North Dakota and Colorado protect their bikes?

Insurance Coverage

A stolen motorcycle is covered by insurance if you have signed up for the right kind of policy from an agency like Integrity First Insurance. Basic liability or collision coverage isn’t enough. Only a comprehensive policy covers theft. The same goes for vandalism and severe weather.

Does your bike have special aftermarket equipment installed? If so, you may need extra protection from theft and damage. You might want to consider adding a custom equipment endorsement to your comprehensive motorcycle insurance.

Keep in mind that home or renters insurance typically won’t cover the theft of a motorcycle under any circumstances. Even if your bike is being stored in a garage or shed, it could be stolen and needs separate coverage.

Taking Precautions

Regardless of what insurance you have, it’s crucial to prevent theft. Always lock the motorcycle and park it in a visible location. Put the title in a safe deposit box or locked safe. Consider installing a security alarm on the motorcycle.

Reporting Theft

If a thief steals your bike despite these precautions, be sure to take action quickly. Report theft to your motorcycle insurance company and local police right away. It’s best to supply photos and detailed information about the bike.

Integrity First Insurance is an independent agency that provides access to various motorcycle policies. We can help you select the right coverage to insure your bike against theft, accidents, and other hazards. To reach our Colorado office, please call 303-597-1667 today.

My boat is already paid for and rarely used. Should I still invest in boat insurance?

In several states, boat insurance is not a requirement for boat owners unless they have an ongoing boat loan. Nevertheless, it is crucial to understand that boat insurance provides abundant benefits despite its non-compulsory nature. This is true, particularly for those apprehensive about liability coverage or needing support to handle the repair costs should their watercraft become damaged. We at Integrity First Insurance are committed to teaching Colorado boat owners about the merits of boat insurance. Our focus is to protect owners and their boats while offering legal safeguarding in varied watercraft situations.

Understanding Boat Insurance

Boat insurance provides cover for any damage or injuries inflicted by you on others. In addition, it also includes protection for any injuries you sustain and any damage your boat incurs. Given that your policy covers the circumstances of these instances, you can file a claim. Accordingly, your insurance company will handle everything up to the limits defined in your boat insurance policy. The concept is akin to auto insurance.

Should You Invest in Boat Insurance for a Rarely Used Paid-Off Boat?

Regardless of whether your watercraft is fully paid off and hardly used, there are still compelling reasons to buy boat insurance. Notably, boat insurance safeguards you against liability should you damage someone’s property or cause injury to someone. Moreover, boat insurance will cover the replacement or repair of your boat and any injuries you suffer. However, these events must be covered by your insurance policy. Without insurance, numerous boat owners would struggle to pay for another individual’s damaged watercraft, injuries, and even their own. Contact us to clarify any queries you may have about boat insurance and to discuss your alternatives. We are here to assist you.

Wondering If Homeowners Insurance Is A Smart Investment? What to Know

Exploring Homeowners Insurance: A Necessity or an Option?

For some prospective homeowners, insurance is a mandatory requirement. For others, it’s an option. If you’re not obligated to get homeowners insurance and you’re weighing the pros and cons, the team at Integrity First Insurance in Colorado is here to guide you through the maze. We’re always willing and ready to answer your questions about homeowners insurance, enabling you to make an informed decision for your forthcoming home purchase.

The Perks of Homeowners Insurance

Securing homeowners insurance offers a multitude of benefits. Key benefits of homeowners insurance include:

  • Financial protection and minimized risk: Should your home sustain damage during a covered event, your homeowner’s insurance may help finance the necessary repairs.
  • Easy recovery after tragedy strikes: Because it offers financial aid during recovery from a disaster, homeowners insurance can simplify the repair process. Regrettably, uninsured homeowners may struggle to foot repair costs themselves, potentially delaying recovery.

When is Homeowners Insurance Mandated?

Typically, most lenders necessitate homeowners insurance when purchasing a home. If you’re considering financing your home purchase through a mortgage, you may not have the luxury of opting out of a homeowners insurance policy. Fortunately, the team at Integrity First Insurance in Colorado is here to help.

We provide an array of insurance products through a plethora of carriers. We can help clarify any confusion you may have about homeowners insurance. If you’re uncertain about whether homeowners insurance is the right fit for you, we can assist in exploring different policies to find one that suits your budget and offers sufficient property protection. Get in touch today!

Commercial Insurance: Security Upgrades For An Office Setting

Security upgrades will protect your office building from theft, vandalism, and other types of crime. Once you have reviewed the upgrades below, consult with an agent who represents Integrity First Insurance. An insurance agent will prepare a commercial insurance policy that will reflect the modifications you made at your place of business.

Office Setting

Surveillance equipment and an alarm system will keep your computers, furniture, and additional office materials protected. Your office setting should be monitored during normal business hours and during occasions when your business is closed.

To ensure that enough coverage is supplied, conduct an assessment of the areas where your business equipment is stored. Then, review security products that will provide plenty of protection for you and your employees.

Security Upgrades

If you already have security equipment on the premises, conduct an analysis of the equipment. Have the equipment inspected. If any of the security materials are old or damaged, seek security upgrades.


Keep careful records of all the changes that you have made at your place of business. Document the types of security equipment that you have purchased and installed within the office setting.

These records should be conveyed to an insurance agent when you modify your existing insurance policy. The increased security measures that you choose to take could affect your insurance premium. 

Consult With Us

Reach out to an agent who serves Colorado. Call Integrity First Insurance to discuss your insurance needs with one of our agents. The agent who helps you will be familiar with the commercial insurance laws in Colorado. They will prepare an insurance policy that will protect your office setting.

The Difference Between Classic, Historic, Vintage, and Restored Automobiles

Classic cars can be a joy to view and a pleasure to own. They may also prove to be a good investment. This makes classic cars increasingly important to properly insure.

Insurance on these older vehicles can be a bit more complex than on your daily driver. It may be impacted by its real value, how and how long the vehicle is in storage, and how often it is driven and shown.

There are many ways to describe these older cars, and while some terms are used interchangeably, others are specific to certain qualities. Many terms are associated with the specific age of the car.

Understanding Classic Cars

Collectible Cars

This is a broad term for cars that are unique or rare and are likely to increase in value. A rare new car could be considered a collectible. A collectible car doesn’t necessarily have to be old.

Vintage Cars

This is generally considered to be a car that was manufactured between 1919 and 1930.

Antique Cars

Vehicles are considered antiques once they become 45 years of age. Surprisingly, many cars made in the 1970s are now antiques.

Classic Vehicles

Classic cars are those that are 20 years old or older. Cars that were made in the early 2000s are now considered classics.

Historical Cars

These are cars that are 25 years old. They may also qualify for historical license plates. The term is also used when describing an older car with historical significance. These can include vehicles owned by movie stars or presidents or those involved in a historical event.

We Are Here To Help

At Integrity First Insurance in Colorado, we serve owners of all kinds of classic cars to properly insure their vehicles. We will discuss your vehicle, your investment in it, and its “real” or actual value. This can be considerably higher than its traditional book value. We can make sure how the car is driven, used, and stored are also factors that are considered.

Classic cars are exceptional. Integrity First Insurance will help you insure yours. Contact us to talk about your Colorado classic car and to get a quote. We look forward to assisting you.

Recreational Drone Insurance: Flying with Peace of Mind

Drones in and around Colorado have become popular recreational gadgets, offering enthusiasts a new perspective from the sky. While drone piloting is an exciting hobby, it comes with inherent risks. 

Understanding the Risks of Recreational Drone Flying

Recreational drone flying involves navigating different environments, from open fields to urban areas. Risks include collisions with obstacles, unexpected weather changes, and the potential for damage to property or injury to people. Recreational drone insurance addresses these risks and protects drone owners from potential liabilities.

Coverage for Drone Damage and Loss

Accidents happen, and drones are susceptible to crashes or malfunctions. Insurance coverage considerations include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: Protects the drone against damage resulting from collisions, crashes, or other covered perils.
  • Loss Coverage: Addresses the financial impact of losing the drone due to theft or irreparable damage.

Liability Coverage for Third-Party Damages

In crowded areas, the risk of unintentional damage to property or injury to bystanders exists. Liability coverage is essential for:

  • Property Damage Liability: Covers the cost of repairs or replacement for property damaged by the drone.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: Provides financial protection if a person is injured by the drone, covering medical expenses and potential legal costs.

Navigating Policy Options for Recreational Drones

Recreational drone insurance policies offer varying levels of coverage, and drone owners should consider the following:

  • Coverage Limits: Determining the maximum amount the policy will pay in the event of a covered loss.
  • Deductibles: Understanding the out-of-pocket expenses drone owners are responsible for before the insurance coverage kicks in.
  • Exclusions: Reviewing policy exclusions to be aware of situations or scenarios not covered by the insurance.

Integrity First Insurance Can Help You

At Integrity First Insurance, we can help answer questions concerning recreational insurance. We serve the Colorado area. Contact us today. 

Does my Colorado renters insurance protect my expensive electronics and jewelry?

Colorado condo insurance is almost the same as homeowners insurance. The major difference is that a homeowners policy covers the entire physical building, while the condominium association is responsible for shared common areas. At Integrity First Insurance, we can help you assess your current level of protection so that you know if you have enough protection for your belongings.

What Does Colorado Condo Insurance Cover?

Basically, your condo insurance covers everything within the walls of your condo. That includes your large and small appliances, dishes and pots and pans, carpeting, window treatments, furniture, clothing, televisions, musical equipment and players, books, and other personal items. 

Your policy also provides liability protection in case someone is injured on your property. That protection includes dealing with the other person’s insurance and possible attorney fees if there is a lawsuit. 

Does That Mean Expensive Electronics and Jewelry Are Automatically Covered?

While electronics and jewelry are normally covered, you need to be careful about whether there are certain exclusions. Your policy is a contract and lists what kinds of items are covered and how much coverage you have. If your electronics and jewelry are disproportionately worth a lot, you may not have full coverage.

For instance, say you have a policy limit of $25,000, and you have $20,000 worth of personal items not including your electronics and jewelry. Then say that your electronics and jewelry are worth $50,000. You will come up short if your items are stolen or destroyed.

Consult With Us

You don’t want to find out the hard way that you don’t have the protection you need. At Integrity First Insurance, we can help to make sure that your policy limits are reasonable and help you look for an add-on policy if necessary. Call today if you have any questions. 

Motorcycle Insurance for Vintage Bikes

Vintage motorcycles hold a very distinctive place in the hearts of Colorado motorcycle aficionados. These classic bikes are more than just metal machines, as they often represent a piece of history and the owner’s labor of love. According to our licensed professionals at Integrity First Insurance, vintage motorcycles have distinct insurance requirements that frequently need tailored insurance coverage.

Why Vintage Motorcycles Need Special Insurance?

Vintage motorcycles are different from their modern counterparts in various ways. So, very often, these vintage bikes need specialized insurance coverage for these reasons-

The Value Typically Appreciates

Unlike new bikes, vintage motorcycles tend to appreciate over time. Traditional policy may not sufficiently cover the classic bike’s rising value.

Many Vintage Bike are Customized.

A vintage motorcycle specialized policy may offer coverage for modifications on the bike.  

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for vintage bikes can be costly and difficult to find.  

Types of Vintage Motorcycle Insurance

These are the various coverage types –

Agreed Value Coverage

Agreed value coverage sets forth a pre-arranged value for your vintage motorcycle, which remains fixed unless both the insured and insurer agree to modify the value.

Coverage for Customizations/Replacement Parts

Vintage bike lovers often invest in expensive modifications, i.e., painting, exhaust systems, etc., which should be included in the insurance coverage.

It is noted that vintage bikes are typically stored with more care than new bikes ridden daily. If you have special storage provisions – a secure or climate-controlled facility- inform the insurance company of these specialized storage arrangements.

Contact Us Today

Owning a vintage motorcycle is a labor of love, and protecting your investment with the right insurance coverage is crucial. For more information on vintage motorcycle insurance in Colorado, contact us at Integrity First Insurance today.

When is it a good idea to get boat insurance in Colorado?

Having a boat can be a great idea for those in the state of Colorado. While this state is best known for its mountains, it is also full of rivers and mountains. If you get a boat, you will be able to enjoy all that it has to offer. Along with buying a boat, you should also select an insurance plan.

Getting this coverage is a good idea in various situations. 

Before Taking The Boat Out 

A situation when it is beneficial to get boat insurance is before you take it out for the first time. While most people who own a boat will be safe when using it, there will always be a chance you could make a mistake that results in an accident. If this happens, you will need to cover the damages. If you are insured with a boat insurance plan, you will have the necessary support to be protected in this scenario. 

When Making a Big Investment

When you are looking to buy a boat, you will find the cost of the boat can vary considerably. If you are buying a boat that requires a big investment, it will be very important that you also have a boat insurance plan in place. When you get a full boat insurance policy, it will provide support if the boat is stolen or damaged. This can help ensure your investment is protected. 

Reach Out To Us

For those who are in the state of Colorado, it is very important that you always have a boat insurance policy in place. If you are looking to get coverage here, you should always call our team with Integrity First Insurance. Our professionals at Integrity First Insurance know the value of this coverage and can help you create a plan that offers the necessary support. 

Will My Home Insurance Policy Cover My Newly-Built Fence or Shed?

As a homeowner, you likely want to make investments to improve your property both for you and maybe further down the line when you’re looking to sell. One common improvement Colorado homeowners make is to add structures like fences and sheds to their property. However, did you know that such structures are not always covered under a home insurance policy?

Here are the types of coverage you need to check for to see if such structures are included under your home insurance policy:

Coverage You Need to Insure a Newly-Built Fence, Shed, or Similar Yard Structure

  • Dwelling Coverage and Structures. Most standard policies have this at the center of their coverage, however, they may only include attached structures, such as a garage that was built with the home. This is the first part of your policy you should review with a knowledgeable agent like ours at Integrity First Insurance to ensure it also includes either automatic coverage for detached structures or limited coverage. 
  • Coverage Enhancements. If your standard home insurance policy doesn’t include detached structures, consider enhancing your coverage via an endorsement or rider. This will add a few dollars to your premium but can go a long way to giving you the assurance that your whole property is protected.
  • Umbrella Insurance. A third option to ensure your detached structures are insured is to purchase umbrella insurance, which is a type of insurance that is incredibly flexible and will offer a payout in the event of an existing policy (the home insurance in this case) doesn’t fully cover an accident. 

Learn More About Your Insurance Options With Integrity First Insurance

Whatever your Colorado insurance goals, our team at Integrity First Insurance is here to help. Contact us today and let our team go over your options and get you the best policy coverage for your household needs. 

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