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Recreational Drone Insurance: Flying with Peace of Mind

Drones in and around Colorado have become popular recreational gadgets, offering enthusiasts a new perspective from the sky. While drone piloting is an exciting hobby, it comes with inherent risks. 

Understanding the Risks of Recreational Drone Flying

Recreational drone flying involves navigating different environments, from open fields to urban areas. Risks include collisions with obstacles, unexpected weather changes, and the potential for damage to property or injury to people. Recreational drone insurance addresses these risks and protects drone owners from potential liabilities.

Coverage for Drone Damage and Loss

Accidents happen, and drones are susceptible to crashes or malfunctions. Insurance coverage considerations include:

  • Physical Damage Coverage: Protects the drone against damage resulting from collisions, crashes, or other covered perils.
  • Loss Coverage: Addresses the financial impact of losing the drone due to theft or irreparable damage.

Liability Coverage for Third-Party Damages

In crowded areas, the risk of unintentional damage to property or injury to bystanders exists. Liability coverage is essential for:

  • Property Damage Liability: Covers the cost of repairs or replacement for property damaged by the drone.
  • Bodily Injury Liability: Provides financial protection if a person is injured by the drone, covering medical expenses and potential legal costs.

Navigating Policy Options for Recreational Drones

Recreational drone insurance policies offer varying levels of coverage, and drone owners should consider the following:

  • Coverage Limits: Determining the maximum amount the policy will pay in the event of a covered loss.
  • Deductibles: Understanding the out-of-pocket expenses drone owners are responsible for before the insurance coverage kicks in.
  • Exclusions: Reviewing policy exclusions to be aware of situations or scenarios not covered by the insurance.

Integrity First Insurance Can Help You

At Integrity First Insurance, we can help answer questions concerning recreational insurance. We serve the Colorado area. Contact us today. 

Why should I get recreational insurance in Colorado?

The state of Colorado can be a fun place to live as the local mountains provide a lot of recreational activities. If you are looking to have fun here, investing in a recreational toy or asset is a good idea. When you get one of these, having insurance is also important. There are many reasons why you should obtain this coverage here. 

Ensure Asset is Covered

An important reason to have a recreational insurance plan when in this state is so you can ensure the recreational asset is covered. While these toys and assets are to be used for fun and recreation, they still take a big purchase, and you will want to know the investment is protected. The best way this can be done is by getting insurance as it will offset financial risks associated with a variety of issues that could result in a loss. 

Reduce Liability Risks

It is also helpful to have this insurance to reduce your liability risks. If you use a recreation toy or asset, you will be running the risk that you cause an accident that results in damage. Fortunately, if you have insurance, you will have the support you need to cover these damages. This can prove to be a very helpful form of support moving forward. 

Reach Out To Us

If you are looking for a new recreational insurance plan and are in the state of Colorado, it would be helpful to start your search by calling our team with Integrity First Insurance. There are a lot of big choices to make when looking for coverage, and our team with Integrity First Insurance will offer the guidance you need to build a new plan. This can help ensure you remain appropriately covered and that your asset is insured the right way. 

What Is Recreational Insurance?

If you love the outdoors, chances are that you’ve been interested in different types of recreational vehicles. These vehicles are often campers and other large vehicles along with off-road vehicles. If you have any kind of vehicle used for recreation, give us a call today at Integrity First Insurance in Colorado to get your recreational insurance. 

Why Get Recreational Insurance?

Your recreational vehicle or off-road vehicle may not be your usual vehicle, but it should be covered. Even if you don’t use your RV very often, it is still vulnerable to damage and other issues. You need coverage so that the right repairs, or a replacement, can be made. If you live in your RV full-time, it’s especially important to have this coverage. In this case, your RV would have much more time around other vehicles, giving it more risk. Without RV insurance, not only would you be in a terrible financial bind if there were an accident, but you would also face legal ramifications for not having the needed insurance policy. 

Recreational Insurance Choices

Because an RV is so unique, it needs a unique insurance policy that reflects your lifestyle as well as the vehicle itself. It is generally required for most RVs to have liability coverage for both property damage liability and bodily injury liability. These types of coverage will pay for someone else’s bills after an accident that you cause. If you cause the accident, it does not include anything to pay for your own property damage or to replace your RV. That’s where collision coverage comes in. It helps you to pay for the needed repairs, or replacement, after an accident. Comprehensive insurance covers a wide range of risks that happen off the road. 

Get Recreational Insurance

If you’re ready for a recreational insurance policy, call us at Integrity First Insurance in Colorado.

Should You Keep Your Motorcycle or Boat Insured in the Off-Season?

Do I really need to insure my motorcycle in the winter?

It may seem like a good idea to cancel your motorcycle policy in the off-season, but it could cost you more in the long run. The same goes for boat, ATV, motorhome and snowmobile policies.

Most people only think about the risk they face while riding or boating. But there are plenty of things that can happen while your toy in storage.

If you insure your recreational vehicles year-round, you’ll be protected if something happens. Even in the off-season.  

Claims that could occur while a boat, ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle is in storage:

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