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Why your special classic car needs special insurance

on Aug 7, 2020 4:10:09 PM By | Alexa Eudis | 0 Comments | classic car classic car insurance
Regular auto insurance policies cover your vehicle for the “actual cash value” at the time of the loss. Since the insured value of your vehicle depreciates as the vehicle ages, normal car insurance is not sufficient to cover the higher value of a classic car.
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Your insurance score determines your rate; Here are 5 steps to improve yours.

What is an insurance score? An insurance score is how insurance companies determine the rate for an individual policy based on the probability of a claim being filed on that policy. Each insurance company uses slightly different formulas to calculate an insurance score, which is one reason why your rate is not the same with each insurance carrier.
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Are you a good driver? Take this one step to reduce your premium.

on Jul 8, 2020 2:15:45 PM By | Alexa Steffes | 0 Comments | telematics reduce auto insurance safe drivers save
In an ideal world, safe drivers would pay less for their car insurance while drivers that exhibit riskier behaviors would pay more. Telematics programs help insurance companies work towards that goal.
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5 real claims that our clients' policies have paid for

Many agents will give you the same generic scenarios when discussing liability limits. Or worse, they won’t talk to you about the importance of liability coverage at all, or how an Umbrella Policy could really help.
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5 reasons why our insurance agency is your best option!

1) We aren’t restricted to just one insurance company. As an independent agency, we work with over 20 different insurance companies. By working with a wide variety of carriers, we are able to find great coverage at a competitive price for just about any home, auto, motorcycle, boat, RV, or business.
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Do I really need pet insurance?

Pet insurance 101 Many pet owners’ worst nightmare is having to turn down lifesaving treatment for their furry family member because they cannot afford the cost. It is a scenario that no pet parent should have to face.
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2020 Guide to Hail Season in Colorado

Early spring is usually the kick-off to hail season in Colorado and around the country. As you’re likely aware, hail can do significant damage to anything it meets. The size of hail varies, and the amount of damage caused will largely depend on the size of hail that falls. Roof engineering studies have shown that it takes hail 1 ¼ inches or larger to cause damage to a sound roofing system.
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3 steps to build an emergency fund

Insurance is purchased to cover the risk of loss. Be it loss of life or property, there is insurance to cover many different things. However, insurance does not cover all losses, such as loss of income or covering a medical deductible. This is where an emergency fund comes in.
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7 things to consider before leasing a vehicle

Whether or not you should lease a car can often be a very polarizing topic. Some people swear by it while others are strongly against it.
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How to save on auto insurance during tough times

If your financial situation has changed and you need to find a way to cut costs for a few months, it may be tempting to not pay your auto insurance and let it cancel. But it’s important to keep continuous auto insurance, so it’s better to make some changes to the policy to bring down the cost rather than letting the policy cancel.
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