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When did having proper coverage stop being important?

Posted by Jason Stowell | Nov 15, 2019 4:05:40 PM

This is the question we ask ourselves often here at Integrity First. Even though we work in the insurance industry, we’re also consumers and we can see the saturated, price-driven marketing such as:

  • Save 15% with a phone call!
  • Just name your own price!
  • Pay only for what you need!

It’s unfortunate our industry has decided to focus so hard on price. Of course cost is a major factor, but insurance is like anything — you get what you pay for. When you "save 15%", you’re cutting coverage. When you "name your own price", you’re cutting coverage. When you "pay only for what you need", you’re cutting coverage.

It's not a joke

Dennis Quaid might be right. Buying insurance isn’t a fun afternoon. We often talk about it when something unfortunate has happened. But it’s certainly very important and not something we feel comfortable joking about.

When you need new tires, you don’t purchase them with half of the tread, so why purchase insurance to protect your family, and then reduce the protection? Having bad insurance is like driving up I-70 in a blizzard with bald tires — it puts everyone at risk.

Get an Umbrella Policy

Having proper coverage doesn’t have to be expensive, and you shouldn’t feel like you must choose between staying afloat financially and properly protecting your family. Additional coverage is often very affordable with an Umbrella Policy.

When you buy insurance,  it's important to look at the big picture and not focus only on price. Most people don’t care about insurance until they really need it. You don’t want to be in a bind where you thought you had coverage, but the reality is you are solely responsible for payments.

It matters who you get quotes from

It matters quite a bit who you talk to and where you get quotes. For example, many agents who are focused only on price will do everything to keep the premiums rock bottom and leave their clients exposed. An increase in liability coverage could be as small as $25.00 extra per year. I'm on a budget, but I’d pay an extra $25.00 per year for better coverage.

Colorado is expensive

We’re in a difficult situation here in Colorado. Premiums have risen the most in the last five years than any other state and we understand that pain. Our blog: 5 reasons why insurance rates are going up in Colorado addresses the main causes.

One main reason is that we like to sue each other here in Colorado. We’ve been trained for years by personal injury commercials telling us what to do. If you’re at-fault in an accident, you can expect lawyers to get involved. What the commercials don’t tell you is that once your policy limits have been used, the lawyers can then target your personal finances and future income to pay the settlement. Some lawyers have recovered billions of dollars over the years, but not all that money came from insurance companies. A lot of that came from someone just like you and me.

We are insurance for people who take insurance seriously.

By operating with Integrity and focusing on education, we will change the perception of the insurance industry.

Let us review your current coverage and provide you a new quote. We'll compare over 20 companies so you can make the right choice.


Written by Jason Stowell

I am a Nebraska native (Go Big Red!), but grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado (Proud To Be!) My wife, Amber, and I are looking into a couple acres of land in the mountains for an off-the-grid escape. I also enjoy fishing and driving the mountain backroads. We are both passionate about shelter pets and encouraging people to adopt. We have two adopted cats and we’re now ready to adopt our first dog. I’m thinking Husky and Amber is thinking Papillon!

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