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10 Life Changes You Should Tell Your Insurance Agent About

Most people buy insurance for their home and auto and don’t think about it much unless the rates go up or they need to add a new car. The policy you bought 3 years ago might not be the right coverage for you now if you’ve had any life changes.

Here are some examples of changes you should tell your insurance agent about to make sure your coverage reflects your current situation.

1. You’re having a baby or adopting a child

Congrats on the new addition!

Health insurance is probably the only kind of insurance you think about after having a new baby, but it’s important to tailor your insurance portfolio to your current stage of life. That might mean updating your life insurance or increasing your MedPay limits on your auto policy.

2. One of your children is going to college or moving out

Insurance covers members of the household. Anytime the household members change, it’s important to talk to your agent about your policy. If your child moved out, you might need to take them off your auto policy and have them get their own. When a kid is away at college, they can often still be covered by your policy.

Talking to a licensed agent can help you decide the right way to cover your entire family.

3. You got married or moved in with a significant other

When moving in with a significant other, it’s important to adjust your insurance accordingly. You’ll need to list your partner as a driver on your auto insurance, and it often makes sense to combine your insurance for additional savings.

Your marital status can also impact insurance rates, so you might get a slight discount after you get married.

4. You’re moving

It can help alleviate stress if you call ahead of time to get your ducks in a row. You can get a quote for a your new address and have everything set for when your moving day is here. Even if you only have auto insurance, you should still call to update your address.

5. You’re buying a new car, boat, motorcycle, or other recreational vehicle

Whenever you buy a new vehicle, you’ll need to update your auto policy. If you’re buying your first motorcycle, boat or other recreational vehicle, you might need to get a new policy to cover it. It helps to call before you’re ready to purchase your new car or toy so you can have an idea of what the insurance will cost before you sign anything.

6. You’re buying a second home or investment property

Most insurance carriers require each home to be on its own policy. Talk to your agent if you’re considering purchasing a new property so you can get a policy set up.

7. You’re updating or adding onto your home

Whenever you make improvements to your home, your homeowners insurance should be updated. You may need to adjust your dwelling coverage limit to ensure you have enough coverage to rebuild if there was a loss.

8. You’re working from home or starting a business out of your home

Many home policies have limited or no coverage for home businesses. That means any liability risk you have and your business property (like computer or merchandise) may not be covered if there’s a loss. Talk to your agent to go over what your risk is and if there’s any coverage you can add to your policy.

9. You completed more education or changed careers

Higher education usually means bigger discounts on auto insurance, and your career can impact your rates as well.

10. The lender for your car or home changed

Make sure your policies are updated when your loan changes so the correct lender gets important correspondence. Your mortgage company might be responsible for paying your home insurance, so it’s especially important for your policy to have the right mortgage company listed.

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